EGF freeze-dried powder

EGF freeze-dried powder

Activity:60000IU/Bottle, 1000000IU/Bottle
Product description:
EGF is a kind of small molecular protein, widely exists in human skin extracellular matrix, is a 6.2 KDa protein containing 53 amino acid residues.
Mechanism of Action:EGF is a highly efficient cell division factor with many other biological effects, which mainly includes: 
1. stimulating the growth and proliferation of skin, cornea and racheal epithelium tissue in vivo. 
2. accelerating the healing process of epidermis damage on skin, cornea, etc. 
3. repressing the gastric acid excretion. 
4. accelerating the proliferation of epithelial cells in human and animals. 
5. facilitating the biosynthesis of protein, rna, dna as well as metabolic activity in epidermal cells.
Package:60μg/Bottle(according to customers' requirements)
Dosage:400~4000IU per gram in cosmetic products

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