Chemical name :   Plancton Extract
Cosimetic benefits :
Hair growth and density
Properties :
Improves hair density and growth speed
Boosts hair growth speed
Plant origin : Pelvetia canaliculata/Laminaria digitata
Characteristics and Application :
Bioplasma is a special complex that includes 12 Cell Salts. Bioplasma enhances absorption of nutrients for cellular activity. The results are you will feel energized, have better digestion, and handle stress better physically and emotionally. 
 ·Can stimulate cell metabolism,antioxidant at the same time increase ATPases;
 ·Clear the free radicals, and prevent the cell oil membrane to oxygenating;
 ·Repair due to aging, stress, environmental pollution for  declining of the cell.
Aspect : Liquid
Recommended concentration(solubility type) : 5%(water)

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