Aminocaproic Acid

Aminocaproic Acid

Systematic (IUPAC) name :  6-aminohexanoic acid
Other name : Amicar, є-amino caproic acid, or 6-aminohexanoic acid
CAS # :     60-32-2
items                     Standard
Formula                C6H13NO2  
Mol. mass            131.173 g/mol 
Melting point        205-212℃
Properties             white powder
Mechanism of action :
Aminocaproic acid works as an anti-fibrinolytic or anti-proteolytic. As a lysine analogue, it binds reversibly to the kringle domain of the enzymogen plasminogen. Thus plasminogen can not be activated (by its activators) to plasmin, which then can not split fibrin (anti-fibrinolytic effect).
Application : 
Aminocaproic acid is used to treat excessive postoperative bleeding. 
And is used to prevent skin sensitive phenomenon.

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