Other Chemical Name:   3, 5-Xylidine; 1-Amino-3,5-dimethylbenzene; 5-Amino-m-xylene
CAS#:   108-69-0 
Molecular Formula:   121.20
Molecular Weight:   C8H11N
Physical and Chemical Properties:
This product is volatile and flammable, and it is hardly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol、aether、benzene solution . Its color will get deep in the air or the light. 
Quality Specification :
Item                                       Standard
 Appearance                          Colorless to light red-brown oily liquid
 Content?? % ≥                   99
 Boiling point ℃                    220-221
 Melting point ℃                    8-10
 Flash point ℃                       93
 Density                                  0.972
 Refractive index                   01.556-1.558
This product is used in dyestuff and color intermediate, and also can be used in organic synthesize and the medicine manufacture.
Packed with 200kg / steel drum. *Please contact us under special demand.

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