Description :
Molecular Formual : 1,4-C6H4(OH)2
Molecular weight : 110.12 (According to the international atomic weight of 1987)
Specification : Content: ≥98.5% 
Usage : Generally for photograph, dye, pesticide rubber, chemical industry, medicine, polymer retarder, desulphurization in fertilizer, urea synergist antioxidant, analyse chemical reagent and so.
Packing: 25kg (net weight) kraft paper bag lined with two plastic bags.
Characteristics and Application :
Hydroquinone (HQ) is used to fade dark spots on the skin.There are approximately 200 products containing HQ available, ranging in strengths from 0.4% to 5%.  About two-thirds are marketed as over-the-counter drugs by over 65 different companies.  Products containing HQ in percentages higher than 2 are generally sold by prescription.  The FDA is now threating to ban products containing HQ suggesting there is significant new data showing evidence of carcinogenicity in lab animals.
Use :
There are effective treatments available for Prevented the melanogenesis process and suitable for this skin :
premature aging of the skin caused by too much sun exposure 
brown blemishes due to excessive pigmentation 
melasma a skin condition that appears as brown patches with a distinct pattern on the face

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