Other Name:Licorice Flavone Oil Soluble Licorice 
INCI Name: Licorice Extract 
CAS NO.: 97676-23-8, 84775-66-6
Active Ingredient: Glabridin 
Appearance: Yellowish-brown or reddish-brown powder 
Active ingredient (Glabridin) content (HPLC): Not less than 35% 
1. Whitening: The inhibitory force to the activity of tyrosinase is stronger than that of the Arbutin,Kojic Acid, Vitamin C and Hydroquinone. It can further inhibit the activity of dopachrome
2. Similar activity to SOD: It has the same dispelling force to free oxidizing radical similar to SOD(super oxide dismutase)
tautomerase (TRP-2). It possesses a quick and highly effective whitening function.
3. Oxygen resistance: It has an approximate resistant force to oxidation as vitamin E.
Licorice Flavone is a natural whitening agent extracted from the specific variety of licorice. It inhibits not only the activity of tyrosinase, but also the activity of dopachrome tautomerase (TRP-2). It is a kind of whitening and spots removing cosmetic additives with quick and high efficiency.

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