Endothelin Antagonists

Endothelin Antagonists

Appearance: Pale yellow frozen dry powder 
Content of nitrogen: Not less than 10.0%  
Solubility: Free soluble in water
1. The natural product of high scientific technology: to process from natural products through
extraction, isolation and purification of high and new technology.
2. Non-poisonous, non-irritant and non-allergic.
3. Stable, light-resistant, heat-resistant, and no variation in the extent of pH 3~ 9.
4. Molecular weight of the active matter under 1000, with good epidermal penetration quality.
Endothelin Antagonists is an additive of new category for lightening cosmetics.During the middle of 1990s the dermato-physiologists found that the keratoid cells of human skins would release endothelin after being irradiated by the ultraviolet rays, the endothelin is accepted by the receptor on the melanocyte membrane exciting the differantiation and proliferation of the melanocyte, and activating the activity of tyrosinase, then the amount of melanin is thus drastically increased.After Endothelin Antagonist having entered into the skins, it combines with the receptor of the melanocyte membrane to inhibit the influence exerted by endothelin toward melanin, so that an instant beautifying effect of high efficieney is indicated.

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