Ascorbyl Isostearate

Ascorbyl Isostearate

Appearance: Light yellow oily liquid. 
Relative density: 0.85-0.90(g/ml) (20°C ) 
Refractive index(n25D): 1.450-1.460  
Heavy metals (Pb): Less than 20ppm 
Arsenic(As): Less than 2ppm  
1. Inhibit the formation of melanin: when it is absorbed into skin, it is decomposed into ascorbic acid under enzyme, which block the oxidation process during melanin formation.
2. Promote the synthesis of collagen, inhibit the oxidation of lipid, and has the action of anti-senility.
3. Antioxidation and eliminate oxygen free-radical
4. Good solubility: it is soluble in several oil-like compounds
5. It is acid-resistant and heat resistant, and is not easily to change color
Ascorbyl Isostearate is an oil-soluble derivative of ascorbic acid. It hydrolyzes into ascorbic acid under the action of enzyme when absorbed into skin. It overcomes the deficiency of ascorbic acid which is easily oxidated and change colors.

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