Appearance: off-white to white powder
Calcium (as Ca): not less than 13%
Protein: 1.0% 
Water: 10%  
Bacterium amount: 500 pcs./g 
Pathogen amount: no permission  
Lead(as Pb): 1mg/kg  
Mercury(Hg): 0.5mg/kg  
Arsenic(As): 0.5mg/kg 
The product is made from natural pearl in mussel animal by scientific process.It contains large amount of amino acids and trace elements needed by human body.When adding to top grade nutritious cosmetic, fancy soap, toothpaste, it can:Make our skin more healthy and beauty, be particular effectively on aging or rough skin.Make our skin white and shine, eliminate black spot.Slower skin aging, lighten furrow.Cure face tumefaction, whelk, wound.

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