Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate

Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate

Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate belongs to anionic surfactant of amino acid category. It is quite mild with superior foaming capacity, and its skin feeling after application is mild, smooth and comfortable. 
Chemical Designation: Sodium N-Lauroyl Methyl Glycinate
INCI Name: Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate
Appearance : Pale yellow transparent liquid
pH value(10% water solution): 7.0 ~ 9.0
Active matter content: Not less than 29%
Cl%:Not more than 0.35%
Application and Characteristics 
1. Mildness: Non-irritative to one,s skins and eyes; its nature is mild, so frequent application will not cause dry skins and degreasing. 
2. Foaming: Able to form rich and stable creamy foams; the foams do not diminish in case there are oily matters of sebum kind in existence; so it is wildly applied in shampoo and bathing lotion. 
3. Conditioning Character: able to adsorb upon hairs and to lessen the accumulation of static charge so as to improve the combability of hairs. 
4. Compatibility: It is compatible with various kinds of ionic surfactants. It is compatible with quaternary ammonium salts and their polymers belonging to strong cationic category. 
5. Low cloud point: It has solutizing effect when it used with other kind of surfactants; so the danger of separating into layers in the product will be lessened. 
6. Moisturizing Character: It can easily adsorb upon the surface of the skins, so as to postpone the vaporization of the water content, therefore, it is fairly suitable to formulate into dermal cleaning agents. It leaves a quite mild, smooth and snug after feeling on skins of the applicants.
Keep in the room temperature. Storage life:6 months. Will be frozen below 0°C, but no damage.
Recommendatory amount of usage: around

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