CAS NO.: 26062-79-3  
Appearance: Viscose light yellow clear liquid
Odor:  Faint aldehyde smell 
Solid(%):  40±1% 
P.H(1%water solution): 5-8 
Viscosity: 5000-25000CPS(25°C)
1. Polyquaternium-6 is a kind of homopolymer with cationic activity. It can provide excellent conditioning effect for hair even in low concentration. Generally concentration in shampoo, bleach, hair colorant, hair spraygel is 0.5%.
2. The product can leave hair healthy is shines moist gloss and rich foam,and it can improve wet combability and antistatic and give hair a smooth.silky and lustrous touch.
3. Add into moisturning cream,bath form,shaving cream and deodorant.it contributes to excellent skin feel. The supposed concentration is 1-2%.
4. The production can modify dispersion,direction and activity of dye and other functional constituent which used in hair and skin.

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