CAS NO.: 131954-48-8 
Appearance: Viscose light yellow or water clear liquid 
Solid(%);  20±1% 
P.H(1%water solution): 5-8 
Viscosity(CPS/25°C):  5000-28000 
1. Good lubricity and film-forming properties
2. Good stability of hydrolysis under low or high PH(10-12)
3. Superior compatibility with most nonionic and amphoteric surfactants
4. Its anion characteristics imparts good affinity with skin and hair, and improves conditioning and styling properties of hair with little accumulation.
5. Imparts excellent wet combability.
6. Excellent stability of curl activators in hair styling products  
Keep in the dry and airy conditions,get out of raying,and it be kept in roomtemperature for a year at least.
Please seal it after you unpack it to use.

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