Polyquatermiun-10 is a polymeric quaternary ammonium salt of hydroxyethyl cellulose reacted with a trimethyl ammonium substituted epoxide. 
CAS NO.: 53568-66-4; 55353-19-0; 54351-50-7; 68610-92-4; 81859-24-7

Physical Properties  
Items:                                           JR-125              JR-400              LR-400             JR-3000            LR-3000 
Nitrogen(%):                               1.7-2.2              1.7-2.2               0.8-1.2               1.7-2.2              0.8-1.2 
Viscosity(25°C,2%,mPa.s): 75-125               300-500             300-500      1000-2500cps  1000-2500cps 
P.H(2%):                                     5.5-6.5               5.5-6.5               5.5-6.5             5.5-6.5/1%         5.5-6.5/1%

Appearance: Light yellow powder 
Dry on loss(%): 6.0%max 
Ash(NaCl,%): 6.0%max  
Polyquternium-10 shows excellent adsorbability on various substances in general. Especially, it is widely applied for improvement of hair texture due to its proper adsorbability on the surface of each hair. There are also other potential applications making good use of this adsorbability. 
Antistatic Agent; Film Former; Hair Fixative
Major Uses  
Shampoos(Non-coloring); Hair tints; Hair Conditioners; Bath soaps and Detergents; Cleansing products, Hair Wave Sets; Skin Care Preparations.
Use Level: 0.1%--0.5% 
Package and Storage  
1、25Kg net in Cardbord drum, put a plastic bag in, sealed packing.
2、Keep in the dry and airy conditions, get out of raying, and it be kept in room-temperature for a year at least. 
3、Please seal it after you unpack it to use. 

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