IUPAC name : 3-[(2S)-1-methylpyrrolidin-2-yl]pyridine
Chemical name :  Niacin/Nicotine
Plant name : Nicotiana tabacum
CAS # : 54-11-5
Items                    Properties
Formula               C10H14N2  
Mol. mass            162.26 g/mol 
Density                 1.01 g/cm³ 
Melt. point             -79 °C (-110 °F) 
Boiling point        247 °C (477 °F)
Characteristics and Application :  
It is nutrition agent, can improve skin quality.
Nicotine is an alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants (Solanaceae) which constitutes approximately 0.6–3.0% of dry weight of tobacco,with biosynthesis taking place in the roots, and accumulating in the leaves. It functions as an antiherbivore chemical with particular specificity to insects; therefore nicotine was widely used as an insecticide in the past and currently nicotine analogs such as imidacloprid continue to be widely used.

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