Natrulon OSF Oleosomes

Natrulon OSF Oleosomes

Chemical name :  Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) oleosome 
Characteristics and Application : 
Natrulon OSF is a 75% oil-in-water emulsion of safflower oleosomes and uses non-GMO seed as its source. Natrulon OSF can be used as the sole oil phase ingredient in an emulsion, where it also imparts emolliency and occlusive properties to the formulation. Other oil phase ingredients such as sun filters, emollients and moisturisers can be added and the emulsion is then combined with water phase ingredients, stabilised by adding a hydrocolloid, fragranced and preserved to yield virtually any type of cosmetic formulation. Because the oleosomes are delivered to the skin as intact entities which can then release their triglycerides to the skin over time.
Based on patented DermaSphere technology, Natrulon oleosomes are ideal for a wide range of cosmetic formulation applications including moisturizing creams, sunscreens, lotions, color cosmetics and more.
The initial product in this new, patented platform of multifunctional emulsifiers is Natrulon OSF . Utilizing safflower oleosomes, this novel technology provides a entirely new approach to skin care formulation. An exceptionally mild and non-sensitizing material, Natrulon OSF does the job of an emollient, emulsifier and moisturizer all in one product.
Natrulon OSF is derived from safflower, which is grown throughout the world and is used primarily to produce various extracts. These extracts find use as ingredients in food and personal care products.
Safflower extracts are valued for their unique blends of unsaturated fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acids. In personal care products, safflower extracts impart a light, smooth, emollient feel to the skin. Lonza-through patented technologies-is able to unlock these emollients in their natural state from the safflower seed without the use of traditional methods. By unlocking these natural emollients, Lonza not only acquires the rich emollient qualities of the safflower oil, but in addition is able to capture some of the safflower's natural proteins and phospholipids. These natural proteins and phospholipids impart excellent emulsification properties. The resulting product is Natrulon OSF.

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