Chemical name :  Sodium Lauroamphoacetate
CAS # : 66161-62-4
Items                                                  Properties 
Appearance                                      Clear yellow liquid with a faint characteristic odour 
pH (sol. 10% )                                  9 - 10 
Solid content                                    33 - 37 % 
Sodium Chloride                             5,5 - 7,5% 
Viscosity(Brookfield at 25 °C)     < 10000 cPs
Characteristics and Application :    
DEHYTON ML is a well compatible amphoteric surfactant for the application in mild surfactant preparations. In combination with anionic surfactants, synergistic effect are achieved wich lead to a dermatologically improved final product.
Storage :
In unopened original containers and at temperatures between +15° C and +30° C the product can be stored for at least 1 year. Storage at temperatures below +15° C leads to turbidities in the product then the container must be heated while stirring.The temperature-induced turbidity has no influence on the product quality. Due to its high salt content DEHYTON ML can have a corrosive effect during storage in staineless steel tanks.

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