C-14-S Cationic guar gum

C-14-S Cationic guar gum

INCI Name: Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride
CAS No.:  65497-29-2 
Appearance: Light yellow powder
Viscosity:  3000min(25°C,1%solution,mpa·s) 
N content(%): 0.8-1.8%
pH;  70-10.5(1%water solution,25°C)
Dry weightlessness;  10%Max 
Application and Characteristics
1. It is a natural guar gums cationic replacement 
2. It contributes excellent thickness and conditioning effect to hair care products and skin care products. 
3. Improves wet and dry combability and keep hair lubricity,soft,springly Reduces stimulate of washings to skin and imparts slip and comfortable feeling. 
4. Used with PQ-7,49(M-550,M-2001),it’s conditioning 
5. When compound the solvent,disperse it in the water on mix After it dissolve in water the viscosity will be increasing slowly.If use actric acid to revise PH to 6,the solvent’s viscosity will be increasing immediately. 
6. The supposed concentration is 0.2-0.5%
Keep in the cool and dry place.

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