CAS NO.: 520-45-6 
Appearance: off-white or white powder 
Assay: not less than 98.0% 
Water coent: 8.5%-10.0% 
Alkalinity: not more than 0.03% 
Heavy metals (Pb): not more than 10ppm 
Arsenic (As): not more than 3ppm 
Chloride (as HCL): not more than 0.011%
Dehydroacetic acid (DHA) is a broad spectrum of fungicide, it has strong inhibition on bacteria,mold and yeast, specially on mold. It can dissolve in several kind of oils. It has poor solubility in water. It is stable to heat, The antimicrobial action will not be affected even heat to 120°C , so it can be used in all kinds of heat process food. But it is evaporative along with water steam. So it should be added during the later period of heating process, and accordingly the amount should increase. Its inhibiting action is more better when in acid environment.

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