CAS # : 4080-31-3
Items                              Properties 
Molecular formula        C9H16Cl2N4 
Molar mass                   251.156 g/mol
Characteristics and Application :
Quaternium-15 is a quaternary ammonium salt used as a preservative in many cosmetics and industrial substances. It acts as a formaldehyde releaser. It can cause contact dermatitis, a symptom of an allergic reaction, especially in those with sensitive skin, on an infant's skin, or on sensitive areas such as the genitals.
Quaternium-15 is a cream-colored powder with a pungent odor. In cosmetics and personal care products, Quaternium-15 is used in the formulation of a variety of products, including skin care lotions, eye makeup, facial makeup, shampoos and baby products.
Uses :
Quaternium-15 has reported used in the following product types: facial powder; mascara; facial cleanser; baby shampoo; body wash/cleanser; baby soap; sunscreen spf 15 and above; foundation; conditioner; blush.

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