PODX Anti-mould Antibacterial For Leather

PODX Anti-mould Antibacterial For Leather

Physical and Chemical Properties:    It is light red liquid,easily dissolved in alcohol,benzol and oil.
1.This product is a security,efficient,broad spectrum bactericide.It was built by severl active composition.Not only increase it’s bactericidal ability,but also increase it’s antibacterial range.It can kill and control most of the mildew.
2.High security.It will not release bad matter to body after the active composition run into the lether.It also would not affect the appearance of lether.
3.It has good chemical stability and would not reaction with other leather additive.
4.The active composition of antibacterial is not dissolved in water.After the composition run into the leather it would not run out when the leather accour water.So it will keep long term steady.
Specification:     BP USP/NF
Add this product into the lether process liquid in right proportion.Suggestion:1-2%(100 kg leather need the liquid which contain 1-2kg PODX)
Personal protection:
Flushing with clear water when the powder contact your eye and skin.
Package and storage:
1.Store in cool, well-ventilated,dry area.protected from light.
2.Packed with 25kg/plastic drum.

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