CAS: 53026-80-5
MW: 30.03   
Formaldehyde is a chemical compound with the formula CH2O. It is the simplest aldehyde. Formaldehyde also exists as the cyclic trimer trioxane and the polymer paraformaldehyde. It exists in water as the hydrate H2C(OH)2. Aqueous solutions of formaldehyde are referred to as formalin. "100%" formalin consists of a saturated solution of formaldehyde (this is about 40% by volume or 37% by mass) in water, with a small amount of stabilizer, usually methanol to limit oxidation and polymerization. A typical commercial grade formalin may contain 10–12% methanol in addition to metallic impurities such as aluminium (3 ppm), iron (1 ppm) and copper (1 ppm). Annual world production of formaldehyde  was 21 million tonnes (46 billion pounds).
In view of its widespread use, toxicity, and volatility, exposure to formaldehyde is a significant consideration for human health.

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