DMDMH(plus) Antiseptic

DMDMH(plus) Antiseptic

Chemical Name:  1,3-dihydroxymethyl-5,5-dimethyl glycolylurea
Molecular Formula:  C7H12N2O4
Molecular Weight:  188
Physical and Chemical Properties:
It is easily dissolved in water ,alcohol,sulfate,quaternary ammonium salt and so on.rystalline powder; It can be combined with any cosmetic raw material.Including anion, non-ionic active agent,thickener,coloring matter,essence.It can keep long term steady under a wide PH and temperature.
Specification:   BP USP/NF
Appearance: Yellowish liquid
Middle thrill to eyes(acute injection dosage LD50=3130mg/kg)
Middle thrill to skin(acute injection dosage LD50=2000mg/kg)
It can effectively constrain the growing of Gram-possitive bacterium,Gram-negative bacterium,yeasts and mildew.It can be widely used in cosmetics such as creams,lotion,,liquid and eye-cosmetics.Commended dosage:0.1-0.2%,Temperature:under 50℃.
Store in shady, cool and dry place, sealed.
Packed with 10kg/box(1×10bottles) or 25kg/plastic drum.
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