Phytokeratin PF

Phytokeratin PF

Chemical name :   Hydrolyzed Soy Protein & Hydrolyzed Corn Protein & Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
Items                                                   Properties
 Appearance                                       Clear to hazy, brown liquid 
 Odor                                                    Slight, characteristic 
 Microbial Content                             100 opg Maximum, No Pathogens 
 Preservative System                        0.9 - 1.1% Phenoxyethanol 
 Recommended Use Level             1.0 - 5.0% 
(All at 5% Phytokeratin)                     Soluble in water
Characteristics and Application :  
Phytokeratin is a composite product made by blending free amino acids from plants in the same proportions as they are found in the popular human hair amino acid products. Phytokeratin is a 25% active, easy-to-use aqueous solution.
Phytokeratin will augment the free amino acids naturally present in the sebum and in the hair. It has been thought that the free amino acids naturally present in the hair play an important role in maintaining the moisture balance of the hair, which help to keep it moist and supple. Phytokeratin’s low molecular weight can enable it to penetrate into the hair, providing moisturization while helping to improve its “healthy” appearance. Phytokeratin® will not coat the hair in the same way as the commonly used proteins and polypeptides. It is currently offered in a paraben-free version under the trade name, Phytokeratin PF. 
Benefits to the hair : 
 a) Ability to enhance moisture binding ability of the hair.
 b) Ability to penetrate into the hair.
 c) Will give the hair sparkle, shine and bounce.
 d) Augment the free amino acids naturally present. 
Benefits to the skin :
a) Augment the free amino acids present in the NMF 
b) Ability to penetrate down through the top six layers of the epidermis, enhancing the moisture content of the skin.
c) Will give the skin a soft, healthy, moist appearance.

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