Chemical Name:Emulsified silicone oil
60% non-ionic large particle size siloxane emulsion content, with superior conditioning performance, can improve dry and wet hair combed sex, protect the damaged hair, provide the hair smooth and silky touch, prevent hair bifurcate knot, can also nourish the skin, giving a silky touch, after washing, not tight. Often used in epoxy resin shampoo and rinse, hair conditioner, epoxy resin bath dew.
Big grain emulsion polymer silicone oil, large size, easy emulsion breaking, protect hair to avoid damage, used in shampoo to provide special emphasis on rational, improve dry and wet carding sex, protect hair to avoid damage, increase luster, and make hair soft, used to protect hair vegetable can enhance brightness and carding sex, used for bath liquid and skin care products, make the skin tender is not dry.

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