Tinoderm E

Tinoderm E

Chemical name(INCI) : Nanotopes with Vitamin E Acetate
Category : Advanced Micro Devices vector
Characteristics :  
Use the patent technology of micro package can be made the nanotopes particles.It contains the Vitamin E Acetate and the diameter is 20-40millimeters.It is less than human cell gap and very easy to be absorbed by human body.The product itself effect with surfactants, PH value etc.the quality is stable.
TINODERM E is vitamin E acetate, a precursor of vitamin E loaded into NANOTOPES delivery systems for transportation inside the skin. Once in the viable layers of the skin, vitamin E acetate is released and converted to vitamin E where it will perform as an anti-oxidant and radical scavenger.
Application :   
1.It has strong anti-inflammatory and promote wound healing and the effectiveness of insulation.
2.Prevents caused by  ultraviolet radiation, outside pollutants etc, such as skin aging and skin lipid peroxidation.
3.At the same time,  cooperation with other effective material to make skin depth nutrition.

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