Corallina officinalis

Corallina officinalis

Habitat  : 
On rock, midtidal pools and drainage runnels, lower intertidal and shallow subtidal, widespread and abundant, especially on exposed coasts. 
Application : 
Our company corallina officinalis are grown in deeper waters,in addition to rich in water-soluble dietary fiber,and its sulfur amino acid content than the green and brown algae and more.
 Corallina officinalis unique Glucomannan is Sulfation galactose polymer,but also the capacity of the human immune system and anti-cancer substances indispensable.
 It containing enzymes,collagen protein,high-iron,calcium and magnesium,potassium,phosphorus,sodium and other minerals.
 Mainly used in textile,printing and dyeing industry.Emulsifier used in food industry a large number of soft drinks,cakes,candy,frozen fresh-keeping etc.In medical,paper making,,casting and cosmetic also have been wide apply.
Description  :
Corallina officinalis is a calcareous red seaweed which grows in the lower and mid-littoral zones on rocky shores.
 It is primarily found growing around the rims of tide pools, but can be found in shallow crevices anywhere on the rocky shore that are regularly refreshed with sea water. It predominantly grows on the lower shore, especially where fucoid algae is absent, but is also found further up shore on exposed coasts.
 Calcareous algae play very important roles in reef building around the world now as they have throughout evolutionary history. This particular alga usually appears pink but may also be whitish or red.
 Whitish-pink to lilac, calcified, articulated fronds, 60-70 (-120) mm high, axis cylindrical to compressed, repeatedly pinnate from and expanded discoid base, branchng often irregular. Growth form very variable, often stunted. In unfavourable habitats erect system vestigial, but extensive base may be present.

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