Collagen II (External use level)

Collagen II (External use level)

The origin: Cartilage extract of chicken, cattle, fish and pig
Ingredients: GAG≥28% 
Collagen II≥60%
Performance: White or like white Power, slightly salty, Adourlessness, hydrophilic
Biologic features: 2% aqueous solution has very strong viscosity and is in the transparent state. Under 15℃, it will condensate.
Application: It is a great natural organic nutrition material as the skin care use product.
Improving rough and dark skin, rapidly replenishing moisture loss, promoting skin cells renewal and normal metabolic cycle, delaying skin aging and loose, preventing skin wrinkling, desalinating wrinkles, improving oil skin, enhancing skin delicacy and shine,eliminating dark eye circle, strengthening skin immunity to outer environmental effect , repairing skin and keeping skin moisture, smooth.

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