Collagen protein powder

Collagen protein powder

Appearance: white to light yellow powder. Excellent remove fine wrinkles, keep skin elasticity function.
Protect wet: collagen protein rich in hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor, characteristic of three helix structure, can lock 30 times water make the skin keep moist, water tender state.
Resistance to knit: skin composition there is 70% by collagen protein composition, play a supporting role, as the growth of the age, collagen then loss, the skin will become more and more relaxed.
Collagen of hydroxyproline, not only will the plasma calcium shipped to bone cell of vehicle, or hydroxyl apatite adhesive, bone is hydroxyapatite and a combination of collagen. Collagen makes calcareous and bone cell can combine, from loss, rise to "lock calcium" function. Widely used in cosmetics/skin care products, latex, cream, BB frost, eye shadow, etc.

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