Chondroitin Sulfate(Shark)

Chondroitin Sulfate(Shark)

The pure shark chondroitin includes the rich precious mucopolysaccharidosis and chondroitin glucose materials. It has clearly been demonstrated in the numerous clinical researches that chondroitin is able to stop the tumor growth, enhance anticancer ability, resistivity and natural self-curing abilities. Moreover, it has preventive and treatable effect on arthritis, bone spur, ulcerative gastroenteritis, osteoporosis and so on. The shark chondroitin is an effective, safe and valuable treatment product which has been proved by clinic for treating chronic and acute inflammation effectively.
A. Shark cartilage contains rich factor which can prevent and suppress tumour blood-vessel growth effectively. Consequently, the tumour growth and metastasis can be controlled.
B. It can improve patients’ immunity, treat cancer and prevent recurrent continuous infection.
C. The contained rich mucooplysaccharide was considered as an important element for joint health. At the same time, its chondroitin A,B,C have the anti-inflammatory effect.
D. Shark cartilage contains the factor which can prevent new blood-vessel growth. It can also improve joint inflammation. Generally, the traditional anti-inflammation and analgesic drugs can only relieve the symptoms. The active “biologic response modifier” in shark’s cartilage not only can help arthritis patients regulate the normal immunity system, but also can enhance immunity so as to treat the arthritis’s infection.
E. Long time taking steroid, non-steroid or analgesic drugs will have the serious side effect. The shark cartilage is a kind of effective supplement which has no toxicity, side effect and harm for body’s healthy tissues.

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