Cegesoft SH

Cegesoft SH

Chemical name :    Shorea Stenoptera
CAS # : 91770-65-9;68956-68-3
Items                                              Properties
Appearance                                   a white waxy solid with a bland odour. 
Acid value                                      max. 1 
Iodine value (Wijs)                       31 - 36 
Peroxide value                              max. 0,5 
Peroxide value (specification)   max. 10 
Saponification value                     180 - 220 
Slip melting point, °C                 25 - 35
Characteristics and Application :   
An exotic, waxy emollient with a melting temperature near to skin temperature. Due to its consistency-giving properties it imparts body to all skin care formulations.
Storage :
In sealed original containers, protected from moisture and at temperatures below 30°C Cegesoft® SH remains stable for at least one year.

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