Cegesoft C24

Cegesoft C24

Chemical name :    Ethylhexyl Palmitate
CAS # : 29806-73-3
Items                                      Properties
 Appearance                          a clear,slightly yellowish oil of mean polarity with a mean molecular weight
 Spreading value                  900mm2/10min
 Content                                 min.95%
 Acid value                             max.0.5
 Saponification value           148-158
 Refractive index (20℃)    1.446-1.448
 Density (20℃)                      0.855-0.865 g/cm3
 Viscosity (20℃)                   10-15mPas
 Cloud point                          max.2℃
Characteristics and Application :   
Traditional,medium spreading emollient for modern cosmetic applications.
Storage :
In original aealed containers in a dry environment and at temperatures below 30℃ Cegesoft C24 can be stored for at least two years.

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