Carboxymethyl Chitin

Carboxymethyl Chitin

Description : Chitin,6-(carboxymethy)ether
CAS # : 52108-64-2
Functions  :
 Gel forming
 Hair conditioning
 Skin conditioning
 Viscosity controlling
Characteristics and Application :
Chitin derivatives having carboxyalkyl groups as hydrophilic substituents and alkyl groups as hydrophobic substituents, and polymer micellar carriers comprised of these chitin derivatives, and micelle-like aqueous compositions of these chitin derivatives
As a function of primary and higher order structures of the macromolecule. 
The Chitin and the Chitosan have an excellent characteristic and are used in the medical care field and the functional food field. We are evaluating the application of the Chitin and the Chitosan to the cosmetics field. In this relation, we report on stability, compatibility, safety and availability (the moisturizing, the improvement of skin elasticity, the recovering from wrinkle, the prevention of the electrification and the improvement of the hair quality) in the cosmetics usage by use of the water-soluble carboxymethyl chitin. (author abst.)

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