Appearance: Whitish power 
Melting point: 70°C-76°C
1. Preservation of epidermic water content: through the molecular associated body in the hydrogen bond cambial structure, it accelerates the epidermal hydration effect, in order to improve the epidermic water preservation capacity.
2. Upkeep the skins: it can strengthen the cohesion force of epidermic cells, repair and restore the dermal screen function thus to alleviate the cuticular desquamation symptom, helpful to epidermic recovery, and improving the cutaneous outlook. It avoids also or lessens the epidermic exfoliation caused by ultra violet rays radiation so as helpful to the dermal anti-aging.
Ceramide E is the analogue of the Ceramide intercellular substance, it can strengthen the cohesion force of the epidermal cells, and improve the water preservation capacity of the skins. It is a new type additive in the modern functionary cosmetics.

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