Chemical name(INCI) : Urea,(2.5-dioxo-4-imidazolidinyl)
Synonyms : 5-Ureidohydantoin; Allantoin, 98%; Allantion; allantoin powder; (2,5-Dioxo-4-imidazo-lidinyl)urea; Allantoin (5-Ureidohydantoin)
CAS # :  97-59-6 
Molecular formula : C4H6N4O3 
Molecular weight : 158.12
Specifications : 
Description              White crystal powder 
Assay %                    99min 
Heavy metal ppm    10max 
Cl-(Chloride)%         0.05max 
SO42-%                     0.01max 
Ashes%                     0.1max 
Loss on drying%      0.5max 
PH                               5~6
pure product is non-toxic, odorless and non-irritating white crystal, m.p. 226-240°C; soluble in hot water, alcohols and diluted sodium hydroxide solution; slightly soluble in norm-temperature water and alcohols, insoluble in ether and chloroform; pH-value of its saturated aqueous solution (concentration 0.6%)is 5.5; stable with PH 4-9; stable in non-water solution and dry air; can be decomposed in boiling alkali solution and under insolation.
Characteristics Application :  
This is a product which is extracted from the roots and leaves of the comfrey plat.  This has been used for years to speed up healing.  The soothing properties of this skin treatment along with the ability to renew healthy cells makes this product ideal for your anti-aging skin regimen.  Allantion is traditionally used to heal bruises, heal wounds, and reduce inflammation, this particular product has recently become well known for its ability to treat aging and damaged skin.
Allation is very good for soothing irritated skin.  It also stimulates cell regeneration and moisturizes the driest skin.  Because of these factors, Allantoin is an active ingredient which is found in many skin care products and anti-aging treatments.  It is found is cleansers, toners, sun screens, and speciality skin care treatments.
It is an important fine chemicals widely used in pharmacy, light industry, agriculture, daily chemicals and bio-engineering: 
1. In Pharmacy: can boost the growth of cells and healing up of wound; also effective to xerodermia, osteomyelitis and hepatocirrhosis etc. 
2. In cosmetics: can keep moisture of skin; widely used in freckles cream, shampoo, soap, toothpaste etc. 3. In agriculture: used as plant growth regulator of wheat, rice, vegetables and tea.
Packaging : 25 kg per drum; customized package available upon request.

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