Algisium C

Algisium C

Items                            PROPERTIES
 APPEARANCE           Limpid to slightly opalescent liquid
 COLOR                       Colorless to pale yellow
 ODOR                         Odorless
 pH                                approximately 5.5
 FLASH POINT            > 100 °C
 INFLAMMABILITY       Non flammable
 BULK DENSITY         1 g/cm3
 SOLUBILITY               Soluble in water and glycols.
                                       Solubility and degradation in concentrated alcohols.
                                        Insoluble in esters, vegetal and mineral oils.
It is an organic derivative of silicon, with many hydroxyl functions and are synthesized in the presence of different radicals which confer stability and specificity to the compound. The radical is mannuronic acid, extracted from laminaria, a brown algae. Face and body-care: anti-aging, firming, moisturizing.
Algisium C is a semi-natural SILANOL derived from a brown algae. 
It is a multi-functionnal active which can be used as an active basis or as a principal active. Thanks to its numerous properties, Algisium C is capable to restructurate the dermis and repair the bad states of the skin.
Uses :
Anti-wrinkles: prevention and regeneration, Collagen production, Cytostimulation, Anti-glycation, Moisturizer (face and body) with a long-lasting effect, Soothing effect, Anti-cellulite, Anti-strech marks, Skin Protection
Body firming
Lipolysis : anti-cellulite,puffy eyes 
Soothing activity (products for acneic skin,sensitiveins,babies and children,sun and after-sun products ,after-shaves,depilatory products...)
 Anti-strech mark 
Face and body moisturizers
Formulation :
is stable at a PH between 4 and 7. On average ,the recommended concentration is 4 to 6%.The product is incompatible with calcium salts,concentrated and glycols .
Important note :do not store  at temperatures below 0° C,to avoid irreversible polycondensation.

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