AM20(amino acid moisturizing agent)

AM20(amino acid moisturizing agent)

Chemical Name:Trimethyl glycine
Appearance: white crystal
Moisturizing effect: This product contains the molecular structure of a positive and a negative, positive and negative are good will between the capture part of the water, and with the rotation of the top three Kiki groups, water molecules are free to access, capture the water and he Notations die, but be free to supply the skin, hair cells.
solubility  at room temperature 0.5%in water , while 50% of the product solubility in aqueous solution at room temperature for 2% salicylic acid 50% aqueous solution at room temperature the solubility product of 5%, while only 0.2% in water, It make sense that using this feature main to  developt  transparent and stable on hydroxy acid formula
PH buffering properties: The product of the smaller alkali buffering capacity, strong acid buffering capacity, the use of this feature can prepare a more moderate acid skin care products and the increase of acid increased PH value in the formula.
his product exists in the shellfish and aquatic animals ,is a natural moisturizing agent, and a highly bio-compatible, for personal care products can be made quickly to improve the skin's moisture retention capacity, stimulate cell activity, skin moisture, smooth to prevent drying and dark.
Used to send supplies can have moisture conditioning and hair law process after the injury prevention; For skin wash protect supplies, can have a moisturizing, lubrication not greasy role.

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