What is Menatetrenone (INN)?

Menatetrenone (INN), aswell accepted as MK4, is a vitamin K admixture acclimated as a hemostatic agent, and aswell as accessory analysis for the affliction of osteoporosis. Menatetrenone is one of the nine forms of vitamin K2.
MK4 is produced via about-face of vitamin K1 in the body, in the testes, pancreas and arterial walls.While above questions still beleaguer the biochemical alleyway for the transformation of vitamin K1 to MK4, studies authenticate the about-face is not abased on gut bacteria, occurring in antibacterial rats and in parenterally-administered K1 in rats. In fact, tissues that accrue top amounts of MK4 accept a arresting accommodation to catechumen up to 90% of the accessible K1 into MK4.
MK4 is marketed for the osteoporosis adumbration in Japan by Eisai Co., beneath the barter name Glakay.