The Difference Between Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil and Cananga Essential Oils

Both belong to the same genus – Cananga. Even their species is confusing; both are odorata species. The small distinguishing feature that separates these two very similar plants is in the addition of the words var. genuina to Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil’s botanical name and the addition of var. macrophylla to cananga’s botanical name. This is simply a “lower”rank than that of a species in the botanical ranking system, and it helps to separate out the subtle differences between each plant.
Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil is a more floral oil than cananga essential oil. Therefore, those that find the heady aroma of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil too much may prefer the aroma of cananga essential oil. Note that the chemical components of each oil also vary.
Cananga essential oil can be used for insect bites, skin care, anxiety, depression, and stress. Traditionally, cananga was used to treat infectious diseases, such as malaria. The essential oil may cause skin sensitization in sensitive individuals.