The use of benzoic acid

Benzoic acid with benzene or the that appears to smell of formaldehyde scaly or acicular crystal, with benzene or formaldehyde. Melting point 122.13 ℃, baking point is 249 ℃, the about body of 1.2659 ( 15/4 ℃). In 100 ℃rapidly developed, its breath has a able irritant, assimilation can advance to cough. Hardly acrid in water, acrid in ethanol, ether and added amoebic solvents. Benzoic acerbic is a anemic acid, blubbery acids stronger than. Their actinic backdrop similar, can anatomy a salt, ester, amide, anhydride, acyl halides, are not simple to be oxidized. Benzoic acerbic benzene ring can be electrophilic barter reaction, are meta-substituted product....
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