Uvinul P25

Uvinul P25

Chemical name :    4-Bis(polyethoxy)-p-aminobenzoic acid polyethoxyethyl ester
CAS # : 113010-52-9
Items                                       Properties 
Appearance                          Colourless to light yellow viscous liquid with faint odour. 
Formula                                 C59H111N O27 
Molecular weight                   1265 
Boiling Point                          310 deg C 
Melting Point                         20-40 deg C 
Characteristics and Application :   
Uvinul P 25 is the 25 mole ethoxylate of para-aminobezoic acid. It is not approved for use in OTC sunscreen products in the USA. Light yellow wax that melts to a clear liquid.
Uvinul P 25 is used in skin cosmetics that need a water-soluble UV-B filter.Its good solubility in water is a result of the high ethylene oxide content in the molecule. This is also the reason why it readily forms emulsions and is mild to the skin - important features of Uvinul P 25.Its nonionic nature makes it possible to incorporate it in relatively labile emulsion systems.
Uvinul P 25 is stable in aqueous solutions, however, the presence of strong acids and bases must be avoided to prevent the possible saponification of its ester components.
Storage :
Keep containers tightly sealed. Store in a cool and dry area. Avoid storage or transport with oxidising agents.

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