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Tinovis GTC

Posted at 15/03/06
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Tinovis GTC

Product name :  Tinovis GTC
Chemical name(INCI) :
Acrylates/Beheneth-25 Methacrylate Copolymer
Category : Rheological thickening conditioning, suspended
Appearance: Viscous Lotion
 pH: 7.10
 Viscosity: 7000 – 12000 cPs
Characteristics and Application : 
TINOVIS GTC is a new, associative rheology modifier designed to give effective thickening in clear gel systems over a wide pH range. TINOVIS GTC delivers crystal clear formulations with good suspension properties while maintaining ease of application and rub-in characteristics, all in an easy-to-use liquid form.
In a wide range of PH value can be obtained clear and transparent gel.It is the most efficient suspension performance of thickening agent.
Uses :
TINOVIS GTC has additional application areas besides clear gel systems :
 – Hair Color Developers
 – Lotions
 – Creams
 – Foundations and Makeup Removers
 – Low Viscosity Gels
 • Facial Gels
 • Body Gels
 • Sunscreens
 • Major competitive products in these applications areas are Aculyn and Carbomer Type Polymers
Benefits :
• Good thickening efficiency and suspension characteristics over the pH range 5.5 – 12.5
 • Provides excellent clarity over the entire pH range
 • Easy to use liquid product which can be neutralized with common bases
 • Provides similar rheology to Carbomer types, with no thixotropy and a significant yield point
 • Compatible with a wide range of anionic, amphoteric or non-ionic co-ingredients, can also be used in combination with cationic polymers
Handling :
General advice:
 As with all industrial chemicals, use good industrial practices when handling. Avoid eye, skin, and clothing contact.Do not inhale. Do not taste or swallow. Use only with adequate ventilation.
 Protection against fire and explosion:
 No physical hazards determined at this time. Handle with care and follow standard industrial practices.
Storage :
General advice:
 Keep container tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.
 Keep from freezing.

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