Refined carrageenan

Refined carrageenan

Chemical name :   Carrageenan 
Specification :
Item                                 standard 
Total sulfate                   15-40% 
Moisture content           10% ,ash 30.1% 
Water viscosity              1.5%, 75c 20-250 mpa. S 
Water gel                        1.5%, 0.2% kcl
Arsenic                           0.0002% 
Lead                               0.001% 
Total bacteria               5000cfu/g 
Yeast & mould             300cfu/g 
E. Coli                           Absent in 5g 
Salmonella                  Absent in 10g 
Particle size                 95% through 120 mesh 
Characteristics and Application : 
With the formation of hydrophilic colloid, gel, thickening, film, and stability ,etc.Carrageenan has wide application in food, pharmacy, daily chemistry, biochemistry, structural coating, Dyeing and agriculture industry.
Used in food industry for manufacturing toothpaste, detergent, 
cosmetics, refreshing aerosol, ect.Used in pharmacy indursty as suspending agent, disperser for maufacturing capsule, etc.Used in biochemical industry as carring agent of microbe and immobilization cell.Used in other trades as thicker for water paint, ceramic glaze, water color dyestuff, suspending agent for graphite, sizing agent for textile and paper, suspending agent for weed killer and insect killer.
Importing high-quality seaweed, with advanced extracting technology and purifying technology, our company provides good-quality Carrageenan and various Carrageenan blend products in low price for customers. The products include high-strength, high-viscosity, high-transparency refined Carrageenan, semi-refined Carrageenan, jelly powder, jelly drop powder, meat additives, emulsifying stabilizer for ice cream, refreshing aerosol, etc.
Packing : Net 25kg bags

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