PEG8-Bees Wax

PEG8-Bees Wax

Characteristics and Application :
PEG-8 Beeswax is a polyethylene glycol derivative of Beeswax (q.v.) with an average of 8 moles of ethylene oxide.
PEG Beeswax is made by esterifying beeswax with Polyethylene Glycol which makes a less crystalline wax, with important advantages because crystallinity in cosmetic applications negatively impacts the stability of most cosmetic products.
With Polyethylene Glycol Beeswax (PEG Beeswax), the wax is self-emulsifying. PEG Beeswax produces a luxurious emulsion, and stability of emulsions can be achieved with as little as five (5%) percent of PEG Beeswax in water.
Cosmetic Applications is used as Creams, lotions, make-ups, hair care, mascaras, lipsticks, lip balms and sun screen products.
Uses :
PEG8-Bees Wax has reported used in the following product types: styling gel/lotion; anti-aging; mascara; lipstick; moisturizer; lip balm; facial moisturizer/treatment; eye liner; sunscreen below spf 15; other products with spf.

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