Chemical Name:lycerol monostearate and polyoxyethylene (100) stearate
Appearance:Yellow or white emulsion
Main character:
Cooling emulsifier, various oil emulsion, used to contain high silicon oil amount of formula, make silicone oil long-term stability.
﹡No pre-mixed, heated, and other special equipment,   emulsification phase in any step to add together directly ,also applicable to non-premixed,manufacturers of heating equipment  or may need to add the product without heat actives;   
﹡A wide range of PH in the context is  maintain the stability of viscosity, especially suitable for containing acid and other acid or other active ingredients. PH3.5-11.5 in the context is viscosity stability;
 ﹡Can be emulsified very kinds of oils (such as: vegetable oil, polar and non polar oil), without heating and  procedure; 
﹡t is used For formula contain high silicone oil   content  , so that silicone oil keep stability in formulation long-term;
﹡organic and inorganic pigments in stable formulation;
﹡effective Thickening  contain 40% ethanol and other organic solvents, sorbitol in the  formula;
 ﹡good Shearing, the viscosity  remained stable after It  shearde  in long time
 ﹡Long-term exposure to UV radiation, the viscosity remained stable.

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