Rhodicare T(Transparent xanthan gum)

Rhodicare T(Transparent xanthan gum)

Main character:
Han raw rubber and single cell of yellow polysaccharides, xanthan gum, Shan's glue. Natural and efficient thickener and sc, can improve the stability of the emulsion system. This product is water soluble glue, is under development at home and abroad and several microbial polysaccharides has most in the unique characteristics of a, and it is also the largest scale to produce, use is the most extensive microbial polysaccharide. The U.S. has microbial polysaccharides of 9 evaluation, xanthan gum with its comprehensive functions, and widely used in the first place.
Chinese raw rubber can be used for a variety of industries, such as: agriculture, medicine, environmental protection, food industry, petroleum industry, ceramics, glass-lined, thermal silicon surface coatings, refractories, etc. Heavy particles can be suspended,Provide False plastic flow and Layer service value, Can be used to produce Gel-type support deep foam extinguishing agent, the textile industry and paint industries

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