Naja Naja atra(Chinese Cobra)

Naja Naja atra(Chinese Cobra)

Description: Naja Naja atra is medium and large sized snakes, with dark gray to black body color and oval head. When excited or angry, it will raise head and expand the neck to flat, like spoon. And when expand its neck, the back will show a pair of beautiful black-and-white spot like the pattern glasses, named Cobra.
Pharmacological Action: Cobra venom is mainly neurotoxic with the function of hemolysis. It has analgesic effect, and its analgesic effect is 3 ~ 4 times longer than morphine, and do not have a tolerance and customary. It has effect on neuritis, malignant neoplasms, cardiovascular diseases, neuralgia and pain caused by nerve leprosy. It also has a certain effect on certain nervous system diseases such as Parkinson's syndrome.

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