A6(Cetearyl ether - 6 stearyl alcohol)

A6(Cetearyl ether - 6 stearyl alcohol)

Chemical Name:Cetearyl ether - 6 stearyl alcohol
Appearance: white flake
Hydroxyl ethyl change degree: 25
HLB value: 15-17
Acid value: < 1
Hydroxyl value: 35-45
Water: < 3
White waxy, cosmetics and medicinal product O/W emulsifier.
Application: this series product can be applied to cosmetics and medicine fields, as emulsifier used in the manufacture of all kinds of ointment, ec, liquid emulsifiable solution, gelatin and other cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparation.
A6, A25 has good emulsifying properties and can increase the system stability, non-toxic, no stimulation, is the production of cosmetics preparation with water bag oil type emulsifier products non-ionic emulsifier. A6, made of A25 mixture are excellent effect, the compound with the use effect has been more ideal. A25 and cetyl fatty acyl alcohol one or two common, we can produce blend of ointment or cream base, and can absorb high to ninety percent moisture. This product is also a very effective protective colloid, can increase the stability of the dispersion system, when A25 in 21-30% concentration and water mixture, form gelatinous hydrate can be erasure.

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