What is Policosanol?

Policosanol, a accustomed admixture acquired from amoroso pikestaff wax, has apparent able after-effects in analytic studies and is able-bodied tolerated. Since it is acquired from a aliment source, policosanol is classified as a nutraceutical, or accustomed product. Commercial articles are acquired from a array of altered sources(sugar pikestaff wax,rice bran wax,beeswax),but it is important to agenda that the amoroso pikestaff wax acquired was acclimated in the Cuban studies.
Though octacosanol has been apparent to alone abate cholesterol and triglyceride,there is no agnosticism that the alloy of the alphatic spectrum,as begin in sugar,rice and beeswax, is above to an abandoned aliphatic alcohol. In policosanol from assorted sources,content of aliphatic booze and arrangement are different. Therefore, it it abiding that the analysis furnishings of policosanol from altered sources are not the same.for example,some appear studies from Cuba advance that affair articles may be advantageous for the ulcers treatment, but not for abbreviation cholesterol or alleviative alternate claudication.
Studies now appearance that at atomic cintents of octacosanol, docosanol and triacontanol are altered in policosanol from sugar, rice and beeswax.