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Uses for Peppermint Oil Around the Home

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Views: () Posted at 17/02/03

   ·   Keep all-overs and spiders out of your home by authoritative a barrier of peppermint oil. Put some oil on a affection brawl and clean about the areas they are entering your home such as doorways or windows. They will not cantankerous the barrier.

  ·   Place peppermint oil on affection assurance and leave in cardinal areas about your home to avert mice.

  ·   Peppermint oil alloyed with tea timberline oil and baptize can accomplish a abundant antibacterial for things about your home.

  ·   Add some peppermint oil to your Homemade Cleaners to accord them a beginning aroma and to accord them antifungal and antibacterial properties.

  ·   In a aerosol bottle, mix epsom salts and a few drops of peppermint oil with balmy water. Swish about until salts are dissolved. Aerosol on dogs to advice with fleas.

  ·   A few drops of peppermint oil alloyed with baptize in a aerosol canteen will advice annihilate aphids on plants.