Yeast essence extract

Yeast essence extract

Formula usage: the low end products: 2%-5%; In the end products: 7%-10%; High-end products: 12%-15%
Yeast extract to skin has very good balance oily, whiten the pale spot, fight decline, moisturizing and repair function. Effectively regulate the surplus of leather fat, make the skin oil and water balance, not oily gloss; Inhibit tyrosinase activity, eliminate dull skin color. Keep the skin normal elasticity, make the skin becomes smooth, delicate, smooth face breeding of small fine lines; Rich in natural moisturizing factor (NMF), make corneous layer can more effectively keep the water, give skin depth moist, prevent skin dry; Cells can also does restoration and improvement after the sun of red-hot phenomenon. Widely used in eye frost, cream, emulsion, face film, essence, make up water, etc.

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